My New WordPress Blog Site

I am overwhelmed!! Finally I was able to create my new WordPress blog site after almost a week trying to create it. I can now write and share my ideas with you guys… It took it that long not because WordPress is not user friendly, it is but because of me not being a techie!  Also, lack of material time contributed to the delay.

 So here I am writing my first blog but before that, a glitch happened!  Because I am not a techie as I was saying, I cannot get in into my account because the password, the letters that I used to create my password are missing in the keyboard with the personal computer that I am  using!  I tried using my android phone but still I cannot locate those letters… so I have to change my password in order to open my account!  Ha.. ha… ha… I did not realize that there are certain letters and symbols that are available with the Apple Ipad but are not with personal computers and android phones!

Writing your first blog is exciting and at the same time overwhelming!  just like any other first time… you have to be your best and write the best piece… your master piece in order to create an impact and a lasting impression in the blog world… As others would agree, “first impression is lasting” On the other hand, you are overwhelmed with the topics that you would want to write about and its hard to choose which among the topics that are playing on your mind should be written first and get published!

Anyways, I believe that before plunging into the real world of blogging… I have to introduce myself… You can call me  Sami from the Philippines and I hope that bloggers would accept me and my blogs… I enjoy writing and a newbie here… I am not a good blogger but I have lots of good ideas which i can share to others and also would like to learn from others.  I would appreciate your comments good or bad because this is the only way wherein somebody will grow… Nobody’s perfect… Everybody needs everyone in one way or another… So long guys and see you on my next blog… I would love to read all your master piece blogs!!

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